Can Babar Azam become Mr .360 for pakistan?

Babar Azam the new mr 360

As you now Babar Azam who is known as King of ODI in Pakistan, He is number 1 batsman in the ODI rankings from almost 2 years. He was exceptional through out the year.

Cricket pakistan twitter account shared a short clip of pakistan captain Babar Azam practicing some hard shots in the high performance center. They caption the tweet video by writing ” Babar Azam, the new Mr 360.”

This took social media by storm some of the fans praised Babar Azam, while indian media and Indian cricket fans reacted to this, some of them said there are flaws in his technique and some of them said “cheap copy”.

Babar azam the new mr 360
Source twitter

Overall the social media is full of strom, some of the fans commented “Am i the one, who is thinking there little bit of balance missing in his game/practice, or is it for the just for the video”.

Some said” WC aur Asia cup mein, Kitne chhake thhey ,360° wale ke”. Despite of all these comments, these things don’t bother babar Azam and he is one of the finest batsman in the world.