Can you get a Bone Graft Months after Tooth Extraction

Can you get a Bone Graft Months after Tooth Extraction

Can you get a Bone Graft Months after Tooth Extraction

Explaining Bone Graft Procedure

Bone graft is one of the most difficult procedure in the field of dentistry. It is a surgical method in which the missing part of the bone is placed with the grafting material. It is basically done to restore the lost part of the bone. During bone graft procedure, surgeon take tissue from any other source.

There are different types of bone grafts such as, auto graft, allograft. It is very important to place the bone grafting material carefully, because it will promote the growth of new graft and stability. It is important to known the optimum time between tooth extraction and bone graft.

Timing of bone graft after tooth extraction

Timing of bone graft is one of the most important factor that will ensure the long term health and stability of the oral structures.

Immediate bone grafting

If the bone graft is done immediately after the tooth extraction procedure, It is called immediate bone grafting procedure. It is often recommended when there are chances of bone loss oh any planning of future dental implants.

Delayed bone grafting

Delayed bone grafting usually done after few weeks or months, After completion of tooth extraction. This is done to allow initial healing. It is mostly done when the patient requires proper time. For healing or patient did not want to undergo bone grafting procedure immediately after the tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth extraction process

Tooth extraction is a procedure in which the infected or decay tooth is removed from the oral cavity of the patient. Perform tooth extraction procedure it is very important to following guidelines.


The first step that is performed in tooth extraction procedure is assessment of the oral cavity. It is very important to completely assess the oral cavity, so that dentist can find out if the tooth extraction is beneficial for the patient or not required.


The second step of tooth extraction is administration of anesthesia. Mostly local anesthesia is administrated at the site of surgery, but in some cases general anesthesia is used, it is used if the patient takes more stress. Anesthesia is administration make the surgical procedure painless and easy for the patient.

Tooth Extraction

The third step is the extraction of tooth, Specialized tools are used for the extraction of tooth. In Some cases the tooth is divided into the smaller pieces, this may easier removal of the tooth from the gums. It is very important for the dentist to carefully extract the tooth.

Cleaning of socket

After the removal of tooth from the socket it is very important to clean the sockets thoroughly. Sometimes dentists need to perform other procedures such as bone grafting or other healing procedures.

Post operative care

Post operative care is one of the most important factor for successful surgical procedure. It is very important to follow the whole instructions that are provided by the dentist.

Can you get a Bone Graft Months after Tooth Extraction
Timing of bone graft after tooth extraction

Timing for bone graft after tooth extraction

Immediate bone grafting

It is a type if bone grafting in which the bone graft is immediately placed into the surgical site after tooth extraction procedure is completed. This type of bone grafting have several advantages.

Preservation of socket

This type of bone graft will help to retain the shape of the socket and help to minimize the risk of bone loss in that region.

Faster healing process

Immediate bone graft is faster healing process, it will help to speed up the healing process and regeneration of lost part of the bone.

Implants preparation

If you want to get implant in the future, it is better to have immediate bone grafting. This will help to create more suitable and strong foundation for the dental implants.

Delay bone grafting

It is type of bone grafting which is done after weeks or months of tooth extraction procedure. In this bone grafting is done after the initial healing. Following are factors that lead to delay bone grafting.

Health status of the patient

Good health status of the patient is very necessary for the successful bone grafting procedure. If person is old or slow healer, then proper time is provided to the person for healing after tooth extraction. After healing of tooth extraction then bone grafting procedure is performed.

Plans of treatment

There are several treatment plans that vary from condition to condition. If the status of the person is critical, then bone grafting is delayed after tooth extraction surgery. But in some cases is better to perform immediate bone grafting after tooth extraction.

Factors on which bone graft time depends

Following are the factors on which bone graft depends after completion of tooth extraction procedure.

Overall health

It is very important to be in good health for the surgical procedure. If health is poor after the surgical procedure, then it is important to delay the bone grafting process to prefer the health of the person.

Bone quality

The quality of bone affect the timing gap between the bone grafting and tooth extraction procedure.

Treatment plans

Time difference also depends in the treatment plans, in some plans bone grafting is done immediately after the tooth extraction. But, in some cases it is better to delay bone grafting procedure.

Immediate action

If the tooth extraction site is too much damaged, then it is recommended to take immediate action and protect it from further bone loss.

Patient decision

It is very important to know the decision of the patient, which type of method he wants. Patient preference and comfort zone are important factor that help in deciding the time gap between tooth extraction and bone grafting procedure.