Can You Get Sealants on Teeth With Fillings

Can You Get Sealants on Teeth With Fillings

Can You Get Sealants on Teeth With Fillings

Explanation of Dental Sealants

Dental sealant is a protective surface against dental decay, It is a plastic like coating over the chewing surface of the molars and premolars. Be sealants help in protecting accumulation of food particles on the teeth that can cause cavity. It create a smoother surface that is easy to clean and keep oral hygiene.

Purpose of Dental Fillings

On the other hand, dental fillings are you used to restore the teeth that are damaged by the dental cavities or fractures. Their purpose is to restore the structure of the teeth and help in preventing further decay of the teeth. The damaged portion of the teeth is removed, and dental fillings are placed in that area. Mostly dental fillings are made-up of composite amalgam and resin. Dental filling help in the restoration of shape and integrity of tooth and withstand the force that is applied during chewing and biting.

Getting Sealants on Teeth With Fillings: Introduction

Dental sealants use along with the teeth feelings is one of the most raised question. Can sealants be applied to the teeth with fillings? How do these two treatment can benefit each other. By understanding the features of both procedures, you can find out the answer of both questions. How both can coexist and what are their benefits.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are the protection thin layer that is usually applied on the chewing surface of the molar and premolars. These are made-up of plastic and are used to fill the grooves and fissures, to protect entrapping of food. They help in preventing accumulation of bacteria and plaque that can cause infection and cavities.

What are Dental Sealants?
What are Dental Sealants?

Advantages of dental sealants

  • They protect teeth against decaying process. Decaying process can lead to tooth extraction.tooth extraction.
  • They provide shield against cavities and protect teeth against bacteria and food particles.
  • They help in proper oral hygienic care.
  • It prevent patient from costly loss and time taking dental treatments such as dental cavities.

Dental Fillings

This is the restorative procedure in which the infectious part of the tooth is removed and cleaned properly. And hole or cavity formed is filled with composite amalgam. It help in sealing the tooth after removal of decayed part, and it prevent from any further infection or spread of bacteria.

Types of dental fillings

Some types of dental fillings are discussed below.

  • First type of the filling is amalgam filling, it consists of composite mixture of metals such as, mercury, tin, copper and silver.
  • On the other hand, second type of filling is composite resin. These are made-up of these are made-up of tooth colored resin, making them suitable.
  • Some of the other options includes ceramic and gold filling with unique characteristics.
Dental Fillings
What are dental fillings and its types?

Getting Sealants on Teeth with Fillings

There is no doubt that sealants Can be applied directly on the teeth with filling. But consideration of certain factors is very important including the condition of both filling and sealant. It is very important to consult dentist, because Dentists can assess the situation more clearly. He can properly guide that applying sealants on teeth with feelings is beneficial or not.

Factors that dentist consider while recommending

Some of the factors that are considered by the dentist before recommending sealants on the teeth with fillings are discussed below.

  • Evaluation of the overall health of the oral cavity.
  • The condition of surrounding teeth and existing filling.
  • If the filling is strong and there is no dental decay, then appling sealant will provide extra protection to the tooth.

How sealants and filling work together to enhance oral health

Using these two together will form a synergistic effect in the protection of tooth. Filling will help in restoration of the damaged tooth and applying dental sealants on it will provide extra protection to the tooth. These two together will protect from the tooth decay and provide the long life span of the tooth. Additionally, regular dental checkups are very necessary to make them successful and they will last longer if evaluated regularly.

Factors that patient should consider while making decision

Following are the factors that patient should consider before making decision to get sealants over the teeth fillings are discussed below.

  • Patient should consider his overall condition of its oral cavity.
  • Assessment of patients brushing and flossing habit is one of the main point.
  • The dietary habits should be considered properly.
  • In the last, patient should consider location of filling teeth and difficult in its cleaning.

Benefits of both in long term oral health

If the both treatments are applied perfectly, they can help in long term oral benefits. This benefit can be achieved if filling is strong enough, that it can prevent any cavity in the future. By using both treatments, patient can form an ultra solid defense against tooth decay, cavity and infection. This approach can prevent you from many difficulties in future and give prolong life to the tooth.

Importance of discussion with dentist before making decision

Dentist is a professional expert and he can provide you with the best and the latest knowledge related to this query. Discussion with the dentist will help you to clear so many thoughts and creating it easier for you to make best decision. He can aware you with different conditions and various factors, enabling you to understand the features of using sealants along with dental fillings. Discussion with the dental professional will help you to make decision that is best for your oral health.


  • Sealants form barrier that prevent infection and tooth decay.
  • Fillings are done after removal of infectious part to prevent from further infection.
  • These sealants and filling can be used together. In some cases, they provide synergistic effect and increase the life span of the tooth.
  • If both are used they can provide strong protection from tooth decay.
  • Oral health care vary from person to person, before making decisions related to getting sealants along with teeth fillings, it is better to visit professional dentist.
  • Dentist can offer you valuable recommendations.
  • Discussion with the dentist are most important before making your decision.