Does Gum Grafting Look Natural

Does Gum Grafting Look Natural

Does Gum Grafting Look Natural: Comprehensive Guide

Gum Grafting Procedure

Gum grafting is a surgical procedure that is used to treat diseases related to the gums. Mainly, it is used to treat gum recession. In gum recession, the tooth leave the surface of teeth and gap is formed between the teeth and the gums. The main purpose of gum graft is to enhace the overall health of the teeth and to beautify the smile of patient.

Importance of natural look of gum graft

The importance of natural look of the gum graft can’t be ignored. There are many functional benefits of the of gum graft, like protecting root and preventing sensitivity. The natural look of gum grafting enhance the overall smile of the person. This will allow to increase the confidence and the self esteem of the person and he will be able to smile freely with full confidence.

Factor Influencing the Natural look of Gum Graft

Following are the factors that effect the natural look of gum graft.

Choice of grafting material

The look of the gum graft greatly depend upon the type of grafting material that is used in the gum grafting procedure. The type of the material used help in achieving the best results from the gum grafting. There are different types of grafting materials or procedures in which different materials are used.

Factor Influencing the Natural look of Gum Graft
Factor Influencing the Natural look of Gum Graft

Skill of periodontist

The skill antique of the periodontist that he uses during the gum grafting procedure impact the natural look of graft. The technique of grafting that is used and the final finishing that is provided to the sutures greatly impact the natural look of gum graft. It is important for patient to look for well skilled surgeon to achieve natural look.

Proper healing and after care

Proper healing and after acre is very important to get gum graft near to the natural look. Proper healing and aftercare are very important factor that influences the natural look the grafts. Complete instructions are provided by the doctor to the patient, these instructions include proper diet, cleaning procedures, Schedule of follow up appointments. These instructions help in the optimal healing process and to achieve look which are near to natural.

Benefits of natural looks

There are many benefits in achieving natural looks in the gum grafting, some of them are discussed below.

Enhanced aesthetics

Gum grafting surgery help in achieving better smile and increased confidence level. These aesthetic improvement are very important for the person as it increases the confidence level. A natural looking gums lead to more confident smile and improved facial curves.

Improvement in confidence

Gum recession and it various issues greatly effect the self confidence of the patient. After the restoration of gum line, a natural transformation of the gum by using procedure of gum grafting. It is reported that, increase in self confidence and feeling easy while interaction with others after the gum graft is performed.

Functional improvements

Several functional improvements are also noticed after the gum graft procedure is successfully completed. The more natural looking gums the more they are functionally good. They provide more protection to the tooth roots and prevent from the sensitivity and infection chances.

How to Achieve Natural look

To achieve natural look after gum graft it is important to follow following steps.

Pre operative assessment

Before undergoing gum grafting procedure, it is very important to get complete evaluation of the oral cavity. This involves the evaluation of the gums recession and overall health of the gums. This help in the identification of the potential issues.

The patient is instructed related to the treatment plans, the type of grafting material and the types of techniques used. It is very important to aware patient and its guardians before going for gum grafting procedure.

Grafting techniques

  • Selection of material is the first step of the grafting techniques. Selecting a right grafting material is very important to get the desired results.
  • The incision is made at the surgical site and the graft material are adjusted with full care and sutures are applied.
  • The shaping and application of sutures is the last and most important process. The application of the suture and correct shaping help in getting desirable outcomes and natural look of gum graft.
  • Post operative care and follow up appointments are very important to get natural look of the gum grafting procedure.