Download GTA V in Your Android Phones


GTA V is one of the most popular and famous game in the history of gaming world. The graphics of this game is smooth and gameplay is fantastic. So, here a question arrives that can you play this newly launched game into your android smartphones?. The answer is yes, you can easily download and enjoy the gameplay of GTA V into your android mobile phones. So, in this article I will show you some simple steps about installation of this game into android smartphones.
Features and Gameplay Highlights:
Grand theft auto is an action adventurous game which was developed by Rockstar North. The gameplay of GTA V in mobile is very smooth and pretty just like PC with quality graphics. You can easily complete all missions in mobile version. Just like PC, you can also apply all the cheat codes so overall gaming experience is interesting.

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1.GTA V source google images.on Android and IOS is the website in which you can directly download GTA V for ios and android mobiles The game has created the revolutionary history in the gaming world. In this game you work as a criminal with your partners in virtual world created in the storyline. You have to complete several missions in this game on sequence basis for further progress. Players may face several encounters while completing the missions. You also have to involved in buying some property and stock exchange market for getting money. Other missions may include driving for a specific place, killing of armed officers, collection of information and returning to a safer place for survival. In GTA V ios version, you can have some additional features lik you can do mini stunts (jumping from cliffs and planes etc). Many of the missions are about long driving objectives. For mission completion, you have to drive upto miles in different areas. Here are some simple steps to download APK file in android or ios.

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Download GTA V Apk


Step 1:

Visit website and then click on download apk button for android device and for IOS click on download ios button.

Step 2:

After download, install this game and enjoy the gameplay on you android or ios smartphone.

2.Play GTA V via Steam Link:

There is a simple, quick and easy way to play GTA v on android smartphones. In this method, you can just mirror GTA v on android smartphone. So, you just need GTA v on your PC or laptop and steam link application in both pc and mobile phone.


 Pc or Laptop with GTA V installed

 Smartphones with good features

 High speed internet connection

 Steam Link app on both pc and mobile device

Step 1:

Download and install Steam app on Pc and mobile phone

Step 2:

Launch the app in both pc and mobile phone and pair your android device with steam app on your pc.

Step 3:

Now press on Start Playing Button to enjoy the game play in your mobile phone. The visuals are same on both devices.

Step 4:

Now finally press on play button after selecting GTA v from the steam library. That’s it now you can easily enjoy your gameplay in your android smartphone. So, that’s all about gameplay of GTA V in your android device using simple easy steps.