Egypt mummy covered with jewels discovered

Archeologist discovered a Mummy in the tomb that was unopened for 4300 years, this is perhaps a big discovery.

Zahi Hawass is one of the most known Egyptian archeologist shared his latest  discoveries from Gisr Al Mudir. Their discoveries includes two tombs near the Cairo.

As the Egyptian ministry of tourism stated ” the artifacts, underneath during a year long excavation, they were found under stone enclosure near the Saqqara  pyramids and related to 5th and 6th dynasties of their kingdom.”

The authority further told that “one of the tomb belongs to fifth dynasty and priest named Khnumdjedef, while the other one the larger one belongs to meri.

Other finding by the archeologist include dozen of sites belongs to the new era Kingdom 1800BC to 1600BC dated.

These findings are the great deal of attraction fir the tourist from the different parts of worlds, these tourist became a significant source if revenue for country.

Egypt was always attractive for his pyramids and its beautiful and it earn huge annually for this tourist attraction.

This Data is taken from the source Daily Pakistan.