Electric Scooter Made by Pakistan in Low Price

Electric Scooter Made by Pakistan in Low Price:
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In Pakistan, Ever Electric firm released the C1 Electric Bike for public in the market during the starting days of this month within affordable prices to create a huge demand among the audience.The company declared that its cost is less tha Honda 125.
It is a two wheeled scooter with a wheelbase and floorboard just like of normal scooters. So, it will be a good choice for short city travels. Company announced that by 60V 20ah Dry Acid Lead battery, this scooter can easily travel upto 60km distance with single charge. So, other important features of this scooter includes,

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Weight Capacity 150Kg
Coloured Display Meter
Disk Brake
Charging period 6-7 hr
Reversed Gair
Anti-theft Alarm
Range 50-60km
Maximum Speed 55km/hr
In recent reports, it is expected that all other electric scooters will cost about Rs.30000.
However, this company has surprised the audience by keeping the price of this newly launched scooter at just Rs 175000. So, it is cheaper than all other electric scooters. So, when the petrol prices are increasing day by day in Pakistan, C1 scooter with its surprising features and economical price tag will be a best option for Pakistani audience.

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