Face Changes Before And After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Face Changes Before And After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Face Changes Before And After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Introduction to wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molar teeth and are the last pair of molar situated at the end of oral cavity. They basically emerge at the late teen age and early twenties, the reason behind their name is not that person get wisdom, it is due to the time period of their eruption. Theses teeth are vestigial organ, these are the organs that are useless in the body.

Importance of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth have importance, but it causes difficulties when they their eruption occur. They lead to many difficulties such as misalignment of the teeth, crowding or shifting of the adjacent teeth. Additionally, growth of misaligned wisdom teeth lead to discomfort and pain, further influencing the facial structure of the person.

Overview of changes before and after wisdom teeth removal

Before the removal of wisdom teeth, person undergo thorough various difficulties like discomfort, stress, teeth crowding and misalignment of bite. The removal of wisdom teeth involves the consultation with the doctor and then complete procedure of wisdom teeth removal is performed.

After removal of wisdom teeth, positive changes are observed in the person. These changes involves completely aligned teeth, enhanced facial symmetry, Relief from the jaw pain is observed.

Facial changes before wisdom teeth removal

Following changes are observed before wisdom teeth removal.

Face Changes Before And After Wisdom Tooth Removal
Facial changes before wisdom teeth removal

Crowding and misalignment of teeth

Before the removal of wisdom teeth, the eruption of wisdom teeth causes crowding and misalignment of teeth. When the wisdom teeth are grown due to lack of space they push adjacent teeth which causes misalignment and crowding of teeth and effect the symmetry of oral cavity.

Impact on bite and jaw alignment

Wisdom teeth that are not perfectly aligned, cause complications in bite and jaw alignment. This can lead to many bites problems such as, cross bites, over bites and other bite problems. Change in bite alignment not only effect the eating process, but also effect the functionality of jaw and the alter the face appearance when in rest position.

Potential pain and discomfort

Eruption of wisdom teeth can cause various degree of pain and discomfort. This occur due to pressure created by the teeth on the other teeth, causing pain and discomfort due to inflammation and bacterial infection that gathered around the wisdom teeth.

Visual changes in the facial structure

The presence of improperly grown wisdom tooth can effect the visuals in the fascial structure. Mostly cheeks get swollen that causes changes in the fascial structure, this is due to infection in that region. Person also change their facial expressions to compensate the pain and discomfort that is caused by the inflammation and infection.

Fascial changes after wisdom tooth removal

Following changes are observed after wisdom tooth removal.

Face Changes Before And After Wisdom Tooth Removal
Fascial changes after wisdom tooth removal

Improvement in facial alignment

After removal of wisdom tooth improvement in the Fisher alignment is mostly observed. The teeth became aligned as the space in the oral cavity expands. The removal of misaligned or crowded wisdom teeth allow the alignment of the remaining teeth, and are positioned back to there original position. With the passage of time other teeth move to there position giving natural look to the teeth.

Enhanced facial symmetry

The removal of wisdom teeth allow the enhancement in the facial symmetry. When improperly positioned teeth are removed, it reduce asymmetrical features if the face, Result from the pressure or misalignment caused by the wisdom teeth.

Reduction in pain and discomfort

Removal of irregularly positioned wisdom tooth cause reduction in the pain and discomfort. It is due to presence of problematic wisdom tooth. After they are removed properly discomfort and pain caused by them also vanishes completely. This relief from the pain will make more natural and attractive facial expression.

Impact on facial appearance

Wisdom tooth removal put positive impact on the facial appearance. After removal alignment become symmetrical, facial expressions became attractive. This lead to more harmonious facial appearance.


  • Wisdom Teeth plays vital role in the facial appearance of the person. This is due to potential dental changes.
  • They impact the alignment of teeth, facial symmetry and outer appearance of face.
  • Their removal can reduce the problems that are caused by the wisdom tooth.
  • Removal can prevent over crowding, misalignment and pain in that region.
  • Its removal can help in the long term oral health of the person in various ways.
  • Their removal enhance the overall beauty of the person facial expressions.
  • Overall, removal of wisdom teeth help in various ways like enhancing facial symmetry, facial expressions and preventing from pain, discomfort and other bad impacts of wisdom tooth.