How common are Tooth Extractions

How common are Tooth Extractions

How common are Tooth Extractions: Comprehensive guide


In modern era tooth extractions are now common procedure, that is performed due to various reasons. Obtaining dental health is very important for your physical health, chewing the food properly will enable to absorb maximum number of nutrients.


The surgical removal of the tooth from the jaw bone is called tooth extraction. These dental procedures are basically performed by the expert dentists. Completely understanding tooth extraction and maintaining oral hygiene, it is very important for overall Dental health.

Dental Health importance

Dental health plays a vital role in the Mental, Physical and oral health. If your gums and teeth are healthy, it will help you out in better chewing and better absorption of nutrients in the body. Maintaining oral health by regular dental checkups and proper hygienic measures plays important role in prevention of tooth extraction.

Why Tooth is Extracted?

There are many reasons due to which tooth extraction is done. If cavities are left untreated, stage come where tooth extraction is done. If tooth decays, it can lead to tooth extraction. Another interesting fact, if your wisdom teeth are not completely grown out of the gums, they can cause pain and their extraction become necessary.

Occurrence of Tooth Extraction

Occurrence of Tooth Extraction
Occurrence of Tooth Extraction

Global Statistics

Tooth removal is done in huge number all around the globe. Millions of teeth are extracted annually, to prevent patient from different oral diseases. Knowing the global statistics of tooth extraction will help you to identify, where to make new changes to ensure the healthy oral life of a person.

Regional Variations

The number of tooth extracted all around the globe may vary from region to region. Some regions have lower number of extraction rate as compared to other regions, where the tooth extraction rate is pretty higher.

Age Factor in Tooth Extraction

The age of the people having tooth extraction may vary. But it is important to study, at which age maximum number of people are having tooth extraction. What is the reason behind that specific aged people are having tooth extraction. It is important to known the reasons and emphasize better way, to prevent maximum number of tooth extraction.

Factors behind Tooth Extraction

There are several factors that leads to tooth extraction, some of them are discussed below.

Wisdom tooth

New growing wisdom tooth can be the one of the minor reason for tooth extraction. This new growing tooth can cause pain, due to half grown out of the gums. Such half grown wisdom tooth are extracted by surgical procedure.

Infection in dental cavities

If there is infection in the dental cavity and it is not treated, then it will lead to tooth extraction to prevent patient from further infection and pain.


Periodontitis is also known as gums swelling. If periodontitis is not treated at its early stages, then it will lead to tooth extraction. Gum disease will cause damage to the tooth and jaw bone, which will eventually lead to tooth removal to get rid of pain and swelling.

Dental Injuries

Dental trauma due to accident, can lead to tooth extraction. If tooth is broken or half broken due to dental trauma. It is important to completely extract that tooth, this will help you to prevent pain and infection.

How to prevent Tooth Extraction

It is important to known, how you can prevent your teeth from extraction. Some of the important factors are discussed below.

How to prevent Tooth Extraction
How to prevent Tooth Extraction

Proper oral hygiene

Poor oral hygienic measures are one of the main cause that leads to tooth extraction. Regular brushing, flossing and regular dental care will prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the cavities. Which will prevent any kind of infection, this will reduces the likelihood of tooth extraction.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol consumption

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, because it can increase the risk of gums infection and disease. Which can lead to tooth extraction, if untreated for a long time.

Unhealthy Diet

Using excess of sugary and acidic food can damage your tooth. Such foods create acidic environment in the oral cavity, this will damage the enamel of the teeth. Diet consisting of fruits, vegetables and high calcium diet, will help you to keep your oral health and prevent from tooth extraction.

Dental visits at regular intervals

It is important to discuss you oral health with your dentist at regular intervals. This will help you to find out any dental infection earlier and prevent from tooth extraction, if treated properly.

Impact of Tooth Extraction on Oral Health

Tooth Extraction has direct impact on the oral health of that person. Some of the key points related to its impact on oral health are discussed below.

Effect on Neighboring Teeth

It has great impact on its neighboring teeth. Due to empty space present after the tooth extraction, this space can cause misalignment of the neighboring teeth and bite problems. To treat this condition it is important to visit dentist. He will do orthodontic treatment that will realign the teeth and more.

Impact on oral functionality

Earlier after tooth is extracted, missing teeth will make you difficult in chewing. It will impact the one’s ability to chew normally and eat proper diet. Other dental options such as dental implants or dental bridges can be placed to normalize the oral functionality. This will prevent long term issues related to tooth loss.

Psychological Impact of Tooth Extraction

It has indirect impact on the psychology of that person. It effects the self esteem and confidence of that person. It will become difficult for that person to eat properly at any gathering. Restorative dental procedures such as dental implants and dental bridge can help in reducing impact on psychology of that person. As these will ensure the normal oral functioning .

Alternative of Tooth Extraction

Alternative of tooth extraction are discussed below, that can be opted instead of tooth extraction procedure.

Dental filling and restoration

Dental restoration is the method in which minor dental infections and cavities are treated to avoid dental extraction. Filling of amalgam can be used to fill the cavities of the decayed and damaged tooth.

Dental Bridge and Dental Implants

Dental Implants and dental bridge can be used to normalize the functioning of oral cavity. Dental implant is an artificial tooth that is implanted in the jawbone permanently. Dental Bridge consist of two crowns and an artificial tooth. The two crowns are placed on the neighboring teeth and the artificial tooth fills the empty space present between them.


In conclusion, tooth extraction is very common procedure, which is used widely to remove damaged or decayed tooth. It has direct impact on the oral health, understanding its prevalence and its risk factors is essential to promote dental health care and to reduce the need of extraction.