How is a Tooth Implant Attached

How is a Tooth Implant Attached

How is a Tooth Implant Attached: Guide


Definition of tooth implant

Tooth implant is a dental procedure in which the missing tooth root. It is not like conventional method, in which dental bridges are placed. It stands alone, directly screwed into the jawbone. It consist of biocompatible titanium post, which is screwed into the jawbone.

Importance of tooth implant

  • It will restore your oral functionality.
  • It will help you to prevent bone breakage and maintain facial structure.
  • Missing tooth put negative impact on person’s confidence, it will help you to improve your self confidence.
  • Tooth implants are durable, with routine checkups and oral hygiene care they can last longer.

Preparations for dental implant

Procedure and preparations which are done before dental implant are discussed below.

Preparations for dental implant
Preparations for dental implant

Assessment and Dental Examination

Before starting procedure of dental implant, it is important to get complete checkup and assessment of your oral cavity. The dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and jaw bone. This complete examination will help to find out abnormalities, If present.

X-Ray of the Tooth

X-Ray is very essential for tooth implant. It will allow to assess the condition of jawbone. It will help you to know the exact location and angle on which tooth is to be implanted.

Treatment plan before tooth implant

After examination is completed, then dentist will provide treatment plan to the patient. This plan includes the procedure of implant, the number of implants needed and the time it will take to complete whole procedure. During this dentist will guide, if any other procedure is required like bone grafting or not.

Administration of anesthesia

Local anesthesia

Administration of local anesthesia is very important before starting the procedure. The dentist will administrator local anesthesia to numb that specific region, where implant has to be done. This is all done to make this painless procedure. The anesthesia is typically injected around the site into the gums.

Other sedation methods

In addition to local anesthesia, some patients adopt other methods of sedation to help them to relax completely. Other sedation methods include.

Oral sedation

In this prescribed sedative pills are taken before the implant procedure. These pills lead to state of relaxation and drowsiness.

Intravenous sedation

In this method of sedation, the sedative is given directly through intravenous route. This causes immediate sedation, patient goes into state of semi consciousness or complete unconsciousness.

Laughing gas

Also known as Nitrous Oxide. It is mild sedative which is given through gas, mask is placed on the mouth to inhale gas. This will lead patient to semi consciousness, while patient will remain responsive.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Tooth Implant Procedure
Tooth Implant Procedure

Incision to Reach Jawbone

Tooth implant procedure starts with an incision that is given on the gums, which will lead access to jawbone.

Drilling hole for implant

After you have gained access to jawbone after giving incision to gums. Now it is time to use specialized dental drill, which is use to make hole in the jawbone. The size and depth of the hole is carefully determined, depending upon the shape and size of the implant.

Tooth Placement in Jawbone

After preparation of hole, the tooth with the post is screwed into the jawbone. This tooth will act as artificial root, will eventually fuse with the jawbone with passage of time. This process is called Osseo integration. This will insure strong base with the jawbone.

Attachment of abutment

After the tooth implantation is completed, the screw cap is placed on it for protection during healing process. After completion of Osseo integration is completed, an abutment is attached through minor surgery. This will provide support to the artificial tooth.

Healing Process

Healing process include two main factors.

Osseo Integration

Osseo Integration is the fusion of the artificial tooth with the jaw bone. This can take several months, in this process the artificial tooth is completely fused with the jawbone. This provide strong base to the implanted tooth. It is very important for the long term success of the tooth. It is important for patient to keep good oral health during healing procedure. It will lead to long lasting tooth implant.

Placement of Temporary Crown

Temporary Crown is place to protect the implanted tooth during its early healing stages.

  • It will fill the gap between the teeth.
  • It will help the patient to speak and eat normally.
  • It will protect the artificial tooth from external forces.

After care for proper recovery

After care that is necessary for proper healing, some important key points are discussed below.

Post Operative care

Post operative care is key factor for success of every surgery. Some of the important things, which should be obeyed in post operative care are listed below.

  • Healthy eating habits are very necessary for good recovery. Avoid sugary and acidic food.
  • Take care of your oral health. It is recommended to clean your teeth two or three times a day.
  • To tackle pain after surgery, painkillers are prescribed. Take medicine on time to avoid pain.
  • Avoid Alcohol consumption and smoking, these are very dangerous for your oral health.
  • Adequate rest is very essential for quick recovery. Avoid restlessness and follow guidelines given by the doctor.

Regular checkups

Regular follow up appointments are very important for dental health. Regular checkup will allow dentist to analyze the process of healing, implant’s integration with the jawbone and the functionality of the crown.

During these routine checkups, dentist will give further guidance to the patient. That will help to keep the health of implant and oral cavity. It is important for patient to visit regularly during healing phase, this will help the long term life of the dental implant.


Tooth implant is good solution to missing tooth. It enables the normal functions of the oral cavity. The person can speak smoothly, he can eat confidently. This tooth implant procedure includes

  • Preparation of tooth.
  • Complete examination.
  • Implantation procedure.
  • Post operative care.

The incision is made into the gum, hole is drilled for the implant and then artificial tooth is screwed into that hole. Implant strongly connect with the jawbone with process of integration known as Osseo Integration. This process took almost few months to connect tooth firmly.

Post operative care is very important for success of tooth implant. Oral hygiene, health food should be followed and avoid sugary and alcoholic things.