How long does it take to whiten teeth

How long does it take to whiten teeth

How long does it take to whiten teeth

Importance of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most important part of cosmetic surgery nowadays. Which provide an attractive look to your smile and everyone wants attractive aesthetics, to achieve goal teeth whitening procedure is performed.

After the completion of teeth whitening procedure this not only boost the self esteem and confidence of the person but also provide a better personality and attractive smile to the person. Our smiles are the first thing that convey message to the other person about our personality. White teeth pass good impression to the person and sign of good oral health.

Factors affecting teeth whitening duration

There are several factors that affect the whitening of the teeth some of them are discussed below.

Types of whitening method

There are several types of whitening methods some of them are discussed below.

  • Some products are available for the whitening of the teeth, these products provide good result. Using these products will longer the whitening duration of the teeth. products like toothpaste, gels, whitening strips and mouthwash are used for the whitening of teeth.
  • There are some professional treatments, that are done by the dental professionals and this provides better and quick results. Regular appointments dates are given by the doctor, proper treatment is done for the whitening of teeth. In these sessions whitening agents are applied onto the teeth by the doctor and great changes is noticed after the first session.

How long does it take to whiten teeth

Severity of discoloration

Severity of discoloration of the teeth depends upon different types of factors and daily routine of the person, some of the factors are discussed below.

  • The type of stains that are present on the teeth help in determining the duration that whitening agents would take to whiten the teeth. If the typical stains that came after the coffee or tea, such trains are easy to remove and they take lesser time while whitening the teeth.
  • The other kind of strains that are present on the surface of teeth are intrinsic stains. these are the types of stains that are embedded in the surface of teeth and are very difficult to remove usually higher level of treatments are used to remove these Stains.

Whitening agent concentration

The concentration of the whitening agent is one of the main factors that help in determination of the duration for what the teeth will remain white. If the whitening agents are used in higher concentration that will provide quicker and a better result as compared to the teeth on which the concentration of whitening agent is used in lesser amount.

Compliance that occur during treatment plan

Regardless of what kind of treatment plan is chosen it is very important to be consistent with the treatment to achieve desire goals. If you are not following the treatment plan and failing to follow the instructions of the doctor or not giving full attention to the treatment procedure then it will delay the whitening process. Patients who follow the instructions of the doctor get better results as compared to the person, who failed to follow the instructions of the doctor and his process of widening is delayed due to his negligence.

Common teeth whitening methods

There are several methods that are used in teeth whitening but some of them that are most common are discussed below.

Whitening toothpaste

Toothpaste are one of the most common products that are used by every person once or twice in daily life. Whitening tooth plays play important role in the teeth whitening, they have such chemical composition that help in the whitening of teeth. Toothpaste are best for the person who is dealing with minimum level of stains that are easy to remove.

How long does it take to whiten teeth

Whitening strips

Warning strips are the thin flexible strips on which the whitening gel is present which contains peroxides. These strips are directly applied onto your teeth and they are used for minimum 30 minutes once or twice a day. These steps provide better result as compared to the toothpaste and they help in removing strong stains that are not easily removed by the toothpaste.

Whitening gels

Whitening gels are available in the market that help in the whitening of the teeth, these deals are directly applied on to the teeth and are covered with fitted braces that are provided along with the gels. these covering is applied on the teeth for a specific time period as recommended by the doctor, and this procedure is repeated once or twice a week, and help in removing of stronger stains that are not easily removed by toothpaste.

Professional Ways Of Teeth Whitening

In office teeth whitening treatment

In office teeth whitening procedure is a specific procedure that is performed in the office of the dental expert. Special appointment is given to the patient and the number of sessions are conducted for the teeth whitening. The entire process of teeth whitening can be completed in one day, but it requires several sessions and total duration of almost two to three hours. In office teeth whitening procedure shows excellent and quick results within one day.

Custom tray based whitening

Custom tree based whitening procedure is one of the professional dental procedure that has convenience of performing it at home. In this procedure the dentist creates a custom fit tray for the patient which contain the high concentration whitening gel. This custom made tray provide excellent whitening result to the patient and our long lasting as compared to the other procedure.