How Much Does Osseous Surgery Cost

How Much Does Osseous Surgery Cost

How Much Does Osseous Surgery Cost

Introduction of osseous surgery

It is a dental procedure, which is used to treat critical cases of periodontal disease. It is also known as periodontal flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery. It is basically used for the treatment of gum diseases and it is used to remove the infection that effect the sporting tissues of the bone. If periodontal disease is left untreated, it became too much harmful for teeth health. periodontal disease can lead to formation of deep pockets between the gums and the teeth causing teeth loss in the future.

Importance of procedure for periodontal disease

Treating periodontal disease is very important for the overall health of patient. If it is left untreated, it can lead to the other health issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and adverse results in pregnancy cases. Osseous surgery is one and only way to deal with these systematic diseases that are caused by periodontal issues.

Factors Influencing Cost of Osseous Surgery

There are several factors that affect the cost of osseous surgery some of them are discussed below.

Complexity level of case

The cost of osseous surgery greatly depends upon complexity level of the case. Some cases require More extensive level of treatment due to various factors like bone loss, Deep pockets, or any kind of anatomical change. Complex cases require more complex procedures in which different specialized tools are used that greatly influence the cost of osseous surgery.

Number of teeth

The cost of osseous surgery also depends upon the number of teeth on which surgery is going to be performed. If you are going to treat multiple teams at same time, then more time, resources and more surgical material is required. The procedure that is to be performed on each tooth includes reshaping, cleaning and proper healing. And all these procedures require different materials.

Factors Influencing Cost of Osseous Surgery
Factors Influencing Cost of Osseous Surgery

Severity of disease

Severity of disease also influence the cost of osseous surgery. If there is advance stage of gum disease, it will require more extensive treatment, because of more infection, deep pockets and bone loss. Additionally, severe cases also required post operative regular checkups for proper healing.

Location of clinic and experience of dentist

The cost of surgery also vary from dentist to dentist and from location to location. If dentist is much experienced and have extraordinary skill he will charge more as compared to the other who is new in the profession and have lesser skills. Similarly, the cost of surgery also varies from location to location. If clinic is present in any posh area, then doctor will charge more as compared to clinic which is present in any other common area.

Breakdown of total cost

Per Operative expenses

Pre operative expenses include,

Initial consultation

This process begins from the initial consultation, in which the appointment is taken from the doctor for regular check up of the teeth. This initial consultation is charged as fee that involve dentist expertise and time spent charges.

X ray scans

Before any dental surgery X-ray and scans are very important, these have some amount of fee they discharged by the specialist. These X-ray and scans are used together with the condition of the teeth, bone loss and some other factors. this is very important before undergoing any surgical procedures.

Cost of surgical procedure

Surgeon fees

The first and the primary component of surgery procedure costs surgeon fee. The surgeon charge the fee according to his skills, time and experience level. This is charged by the surgeon before undergoing osseous Sergey.

Anesthesia and sedation cost

Anesthesia and sedation is given to the patient for successful and comfortable surgery. Its cost mainly depends upon which type of anesthesia is used and for how much time anesthesia was used.

Cost of operation room

There is room in the clinic which is known as operation room. The patient is charged with the fee of operation room separately. Includes the use of surgical equipment, surgical suite and staff fee.

Post operative expenses

These are the expenses that occur during the post operative days.

Regular checkup

Regular checkup is very important for the success of osseous surgery. Each appointment that is taken from the dentist during the post operative days have its own fees. Each time patient came for follow up checkups he is charged with a specific fee.

Prescribed medicine

During post operative care, dentist prescribe some antibiotics and painkillers. these are specifically used to get rid of any kind of infection, inflammation and pain that causes discomfort to the patient. These prescribed medicines have separate cost.

Additional cost

Dental insurance cost

Osseous surgery is also influenced by dental insurance cost coverage. This insurance coverage vary from plan to plan and patient should inquire the about coverage details and any associated deductibles. These have great impact out of pocket cost of osseous surgery.

Option for financing

Some clinic provide option of financing, that help the patient in managing out the cost of osseous surgery. These include payment plans, credit lines and other 3rd party financing options.


  • Complexity of the case, treating multiple teeth and severity of the disease impact the cost of osseous surgery.
  • By understanding these point we can manage the cost of osseous surgery easily.
  • Periodontal disease effect the health of whole body, their treatment is very necessary.
  • There are multiple factors that influence the cost of surgery.
  • It is effected by initial consultation, x-ray and scans, surgeon fee, anesthesia and sedation, cost of operation room, regular checkups and prescribed medication.
  • Oral health is very important for physical fitness and boosted confidence.
  • Consult with the dental expert for better guidance.