How Much Does Tooth Extraction Hurt

How Much Does Tooth Extraction Hurt

How Much Does Tooth Extraction Hurt: Detail

Introduction to tooth extraction

Tooth extraction, it is a method in which the tooth is extracted from the socket in the jawbone. Tooth extraction is always concerned with pain. The pain depends upon a number of factors such as, physiological, psychological an environmental factors. It is very important to understand the perception of pain during and after tooth extraction.

Tooth Extraction process

Complete process of tooth extraction involves following steps;

Tooth Extraction process
Tooth Extraction process

Complete steps of tooth extraction process

Tooth extraction is a method in which careful sequence of action is performed In a specific way to reduce maximum amount of pain. After completion of pre surgery assessment and discussion, the dentist follows following steps to perform tooth extraction.

Anesthesia administration

first and one of the most primary step that helps in maximum reduction of pain is administration of anesthesia in that site. after the administration of anesthesia a proper time is given for better results. The anesthesia will help too numb the site and to minimize the pain.

Tooth loosening

Specialized tools are used for tooth loosening like elevators. They will help loosening of tooth from the socket and its ligaments. This will help in easy removal of tooth from the bone.

Tooth extraction

After tooth loosening, forceps are used for tooth extraction. The tooth is grabbed with the forceps and lifted a word and moved from one side to another side until it is removed.

Removal of tooth

After the removal of tooth from its socket, the site of tooth removal is evaluated completely and the ligaments are D attached from the tooth. The area is completely inspected, if any tooth remaining or debris is present, it is removed.

Bleeding control

After the tooth is completely extracted, and bleeding is absorbed. then it is better to place gauze at that site to stop bleeding. Sometimes sutures are also used to control bleeding.

Post extraction instructions

It is very important for a patient to follow post extraction guidelines that are given by the dentist. Recovery and healing time of site from where the tooth is extracted, merely depends upon patients daily routine. The guidelines are given to maintain pain, swelling, infection and to avoid certain activities that are harmful for your extracted tooth.

Utilizing local anesthesia

Local anesthesia play vital role in making tooth extraction procedure a painless procedure. This anesthesia is administrated into the gums surrounding the tooth. They work by block the nerves which senses pain, making sure that patient follow minimum discomfort during whole process.

Pain varies with extraction complexity

Level of pain vary with respect to extraction complexity which depends on tooth size, position and its relationship with neighboring teeth.

Pain varies with extraction complexity
Pain varies with extraction complexity

If it is a simple tooth extraction, than it will cause lesser complexity and discomfort. These pain varies from case to case but it is dentist priority to make this procedure less painful despite of complexity of tooth extraction.

Factors that influence pain

Following are the factors that can influence pain perception in tooth extraction:

Factors that influence pain
Factors that influence pain after tooth extraction

Difference in pain tolerance

Pain tolerance is one of the inherited characteristic, it depends on person to person how much he can tolerate. Individual pain threshold is a point until which a person can tolerate pain. It is influenced by genetics inheritance, personal experience and cultural influence.

Tooth impact location and roots on pain

Location to tooth in the mouth play crucial role in the perception of pain. The tooth located near the area rich in nerves, causes more pain as compared to the tooth which is located in the area with lesser nerves. If the roots of the tooth are longer and more curved and difficult to remove. Then, it requires bigger surgery and will lead to more pain perception in post operative time.

Some of these factors that are discussed above have great influence on pain perception. How to control these factors vary from dentist and its personal experience.

Techniques to manage pain

Some of the techniques, which are recommend by the doctor to manage pain are discussed below:

Techniques to manage pain
Techniques to manage pain after tooth extraction

Strategies to manage pain

Post operative pain management that can reduce discomfort, and provide relief to the patient for specific period:


To counter pain, dentist recommend pain killers to the patient. These painkillers include ibuprofen, acetaminophen etc. These painkillers have both anti inflammatory and analgesic effect and help in reducing discomfort.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene care is highly recommended after tooth extraction surgery. Maintaining proper hygienic condition will help to get infection free and pain free post operative period. It is always recommended to brush and floss the area gentle to keep it clean and infection free.

Selection of diet

Selection of a diet after post tooth extraction is very important. Saving your tooth from sharp, hard, acidic and sugary diet is very important. As these diets can cause damage to the clot formed and lead to infection. Additionally, it will cause difficulty in chewing hard and sharp food. So, it is very important to select soft and liquid diet in starting week.

Methods of distraction and relaxation techniques

Techniques of relaxation

For powerful and faster healing, it is very important to engage in relaxation techniques. These techniques include, meditation, deep breathing and mindfulness. These help in reducing stress and anxiety, making the body to reduce discomfort and pain level.

Methods of distraction

Distraction yourself from focused pain will help you to get pain relief. Praying Salah, listening to Quran, and spending your time while performing good deeds will help you to feel lighter. This will help you to distract your mind from pain and will reduce discomfort.


Following are the concluded points related to tooth extraction pain:

  • Pain threshold varies from person to person, it depends on the patients personal experience and inherited characteristics.
  • Anxiety and stress increases pain level.
  • Effective medication, oral hygiene and daily diet effect pain perception after tooth extraction.
  • Some of relaxation techniques and distracting methods will help you to reduce discomfort and pain.