How To Fix Burn Hole In Couch

How To Fix Burn Hole In Couch
How To Fix Burn Hole In Couch

How To Fix Burn Hole In Couch: Guide


Burn holes in the couch are caused by cigarette ashes, candles or and fireplaces that are near to the couches. These burn holes puts bad impression of the couch and looks weird. This post is especially written to educate the people, that how to fix burn holes In the couch.

Burn holes caused by the cigarette flames, fireplaces near the couch in the living room make a sofa look wired and untidy. The best option to protect your couch from such happening is to follow the current safety regulations.

Usually when the couch are placed near the fireplace place or cigarette is smoked on the couch, they can melt the fabric of couch leaving small hole behind, instead of burning hole fabric. If such accident happens in your home, then you should know how to tackle with such conditions.

Sewing the hole patch

Firstly, you have you have to find out if the hole on the couch can be stitched or not. Find similar patch on the back side of the couch to harvest small piece of fabric, keep in mind cut the piece from the part which is not visible. Fixing of the hole is very easy, if you have basic knowledge of sewing.

Clean the spot around the effected part of the couch and remove as much of the stains as possible. Repeat this process couple of time until the piece look newer than the effected part.

The new piece should be double in diameter to the burn hole and the design pattern should be similar so that it will look real and non alternated. Next step is to choose the thread that matches the color of couch. In the end when the stitching is completed use the fabric glue to provide clear finishing to the ends of thread.

How to fix burn hole in a couch made of microfiber; details

If you have a couch covered with microfiber than you are lucky, because it is easier to repair a burn hole in the microfiber sofa cover.

Take a small patch of microfiber from the part of couch which is not visible to the front. The next step is to place that piece of microfiber on the burn holes of the couch, the iron to patch the existing fiber. If you are not willing to cut the microfiber patch from the back side of the couch, you can visit to near furniture store, because these are easily available.

How to fix burn hole if it covers the large area of the couch

For any burn hole in the couch the method of repairing is almost same as described above. But, the key points that should be kept in mind are, the piece of patch should be double of the diameter of burn hole.