Increased Chicken Prices In Pakistan

Increased Chicken Prices In Pakistan
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In Islamabad and Rawalpindi, increased chicken prices have broken all previous records in the history of Pakistan with 1 kg priced upto 700 to 705 Rs. Furthermore, many poultry farms have shut down their farm because of increased prices of feed, medicine and day old chick. Farmers are also worried due hype in prices of poultry feed. Besides, genetically modified soyabean is not used by feed mills due to its shortage in the country and due to this feed conversation ratio of broiler has decreased from 34 to 28.

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Its means after eating 50kg feed broiler will produce upto 28kgs of meat but previously meat production by broiler was upto 34kgs after eating of 50kg bag. It was due to GMO soyabean in feed bags.
Genetically modified soyabean is very important ingredient in poultry feed and because its nutritional value is very good. Wholesaler are feared about that if important steps are not taken by government,then chicken prices will gone upto 1000Rs per kg soon.

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According to survey, chicken prices are higher in Islamabad and Rawalpindi than other cities of Pakistan like in Lahore and Gujranwala uoto 575 Rs and 580 Rs respectively
Poultry owners who raises layers hens which lay eggs, claims that it will become impossible to meet the supply of eggs according to its demand in Pakistan
Now, citizens have called out government to handle this critical situation and make poultry products easily reachable for everyone in economical prices