Osseous Surgery With Laser: Comprehensive Note

Osseous Surgery With Laser

Osseous Surgery With Laser: Comprehensive Note

Osseous Surgery 

It is a dental procedure which is used to treat diseases that are related to gums. It is also known as periodontal surgery or flap surgery. Periodontal disease can lead to the formation of pockets between the gums and the root of the teeth, this provides place for accumulation of bacteria that can cause infection and inflammation. Osseous surgery is very important to treat gums, if it is left untreated it can lead to tooth loss.

Role of Laser Technology In Osseous Surgery

Laser technology has revolutionized the process of surgery like osseous surgical process. In the laser surgery different types of laser are used such as the diode laser, CO2 laser and erbium laser. What’s your surgery that is performed by laser, uses precision and beam of laser that used to perform surgical procedures. Clear technology have different advantages,

  • There are lesser chances of incision in the case of laser surgery and it is mostly blood less surgery.
  • This reduces the usage of typical surgical procedures and rare instruments.
  • Laser surgery cauterize the blood vessel during the surgery and it reduces the chances of bleeding throughout the surgery.
  • Osseous surgery that is done through laser greatly contributes to the regeneration of the tissues and growth had the surgical side.

Osseous Surgery With Laser

Indication of osseous surgery through laser

Following are the indications that are related to the ostrich surgery that is done through laser.

Periodontal disease diagnosis

Osseous surgery with the laser technology plays an important role in the diagnosis of periodontal disease. Periodontist use laser technology to detect deepness of the pockets that are found between the gums and the teeth. Laser technology is a precise way to identify the extent of the periodontal disease and this may be easier to treat and recover such gums.

Treatment of periodontal disease

One of the primary indication of austerity is the treatment of the periodontal disease. Pockets are formed in the periodontal disease in which the bacteria accumulate and cause infection. Laser technology is the best way to remove the infection that is present in the pockets between the gums and the teeth and it is a bloodless surgery and also have boosted regeneration power of the tissues as compared to the other surgery.

As mentioned earlier there are the various advantages of performing laser osseous surgery. Firstly, It helps in the targeted removal of the infection that is present in the tissues and don’t damage the surrounding tissue.

If dentist perform osseous surgery through laser it not only halt the gum disease but also provide the faster recovery and regeneration of the tissues in that specific region, this also prevents any further infection that could occur in the future.

Osseous Surgery With Laser

Other dental condition regarding osseous surgery

Using the laser treatment method for the treatment of periodontal disease there are several indications that are discussed below

  • Laser can be used to remove several benign tumors, Can precisely remove the excess tumors that are present in the body.
  • Laser surgery can also be used to treat or reshape the teeth and the gum tissues.
  • Laser technology can also be used to treat the conditions such as tongue tie, in which person feels difficulty in speaking.

Types of laser osseous surgery

There are different type of laser osseous surgery that are performed, some of them are discussed below.

Laser diode

These are the types of diode that are most common. They have specific wavelengths of 810 to 980 nanometers, which is a good wavelength and well absorbed by the pigmented tissue. Laser diode is most suitable for the soft tissues.

Erbium laser

This is type of laser that is operated at the wavelength of 2940 and 2780 approximately. They have versatility in their work and work on both soft and hard tissue.

CO2 laser

This is the type of pleasure that work at the wavelength of 10,600 nanometer and, it is more suitable for the soft tissues and provides the best result on the soft tissue.

Advantages of laser assisted osseous surgery

There are many advantages of laser assisted osseous surgery. Some of them are listed below,

  • It is the minimal assisted osseous surgery that is done by laser. This laser surgery helped in the removal of the targeted damaged tissue and bacteria and help in getting healthy life. This also minimizes the use of incision and sutures during the surgery and it is almost bloodless surgery.
  • One of the main importance of laser assisted osseous surgery is that it minimizes the forced operative care that is needed after the other osseous surgical process.
  • Laser surgery from notes the faster healing process, as the laser surgery is so precise and accurate that it only remove the damaged tissue and infected area. that is why its healing process is faster as compared to other surgical process.
  • Laser assisted osseous surgery has great precision in the removal of damaged tissue. It is great advantage of leisure resisted also surgery that it only removes the damaged tissue because it is so accurate and precise that it does not harm any healthy neighboring tissues.