PCB refuse to accept Punjab government offer to pay 25 crore for security

PCB refuse to accept Punjab government offer to pay 25 crore for security
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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) did not accept the Punjab government’s offer of Rs 25 crore and bluntly said that they will not give a single penny for the sake of security.

PSL matches will be shifted to Karachi. The dispute between the Pakistan Cricket Board and the caretaker Punjab government over security payments has intensified.

Sources say that the caretaker Punjab government conveyed the message to the PCB to bear the expenses of 25 crores and 25 crores to be borne by the board on its own, after which an important meeting of the PCB was held in which it was decided that the board on its decision.

It will remain firm and there will be no change, not even a single rupee will be given as security.

Just as the message was received from the government, the board also sent a message to the government saying that PCB will not pay a single penny and if the issue is not resolved, after two matches, PSL 8 will be played in Lahore on Tuesday. The matches will be held in Karachi.

According to the PCB, the teams have the status of state guests and it is the responsibility of the state to provide security to them, apart from this a message has been given that there is any lapse in security or if a player withdraws on security grounds.

The government will be responsible. Sources say that the Punjab government first asked for five crore rupees, which was given by the PCB, but after that, a letter was written for more money, which the PCB refused.

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