Shahrukh Khan Celebrates Pathaan Movie Success and His Great Comeback With Co Stars

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After a great come back from Badshah of bollywood Sharukh khan, the team of Pathaan arranged a success meeeting, In which all super stars of the movie were present. Shahrukh Khan, Jhon Ibraham, Deepika Padukone and the other team members of the Pathaan were present in the celebration party.

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As you all know the film had make huge opening of almost 54 crores more than the any other film of bollywood and it continues its crazy which leads to end of opening weekend at more than 280 crore in india and more than 600 crores world wide.

The fans of Pathaan movie also celebrated the success of movie on dancing in the theaters all across the country and showing there love to Stars of the movie.

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The movie stars shahrukh khan, deepika padukone and Jhon Ibraham also danced in the party on “jhomay jo pathaan” movie song. One of the fan mentioned on the twitter ” they think the star culture is gone, they don’t know that shahrukh khan was yet to come on the screen”.

After time of 4 years this is huge comeback to stardom of Shahrukh khan and he had proved to everyone that he is real Badshah of bollywood. The fans of Shahrukh khan waited for very long time, and the success of this movie is the prove that Shahrukh Khan still have millions of fans all across the globe and they still showers alot of love on Shahrukh Khan.