Toothache Pain Relief: Guide

Toothache Pain Relief: Guide

Toothache Pain Relief: Guide


Toothache and its causes

Toothache is an irritating sensation around the tooth, it is oral issue common in people of all ages. It can rise from various causes, each of them could induce discomfort. Accumulation of bacteria on the tooth surface resulting into dental decay. This will lead cavities to expose nerve endings , which will cause irritation and pain. Tooth fractured due to any trauma can expose nerve endings, which can cause sensation, Sharp pain and pulsating.

Importance of pain relief

It is very important to seek timely pain relief, The continuous Pain can disturb your daily life routine. It will cause problem in eating, speaking and concentrating. Ignoring condition will lead to worse condition, leading into infection, abscesses and tooth loss.

Pain relief measure will provide you immediate comfort and also lead to better quality of life with minimum complications. In order to get mental peace and normal functioning, it is important to seek timely and proper pain relief measures.

Importance of toothache pain relief

Home remedies

Some home remedies to get toothache pain relief are discussed below.

Using saltwater

Using saltwater to rinse oral cavity is one of the simplest and most effective way of getting pain relief. Mix half teaspoon of salt in little warm water. Gargling with this solution will help you to get little bit of relief by giving soothing effect to the muscle.

Cold Compress

Use cold compress method to give toothache pain relief. In this method bag of ice cubes are used to massage out side the cheeks, where patient is feeling pain. Massage that area in a circular motion with ice cubes. This will help to you get pain relief for a shorter period. This process is repeated after 2 to 4 hours. It wild numb the nerves and relief pain.

Application of clove oil

Clove oil is also used to get pain relief. It has anti inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it a popular remedy for toothaches. You have to apply clove oil on a small piece of cotton, then apply it on the pain area. It will numb the nerves and reduces swelling and pain to provide you relief for sometime. Oil based clove gels are also used in similar way.

Using Peppermint Tea Rinse

It has also analgesic effect and help in the pain relief. Put the peppermint bag into the hot water and allow it to cool down, then rinse moth with this liquid. It will provide you calming sensation and reduces discomfort.

Applying garlic paste

Garlic has antibiotic and analgesic properties. Crush the garlic and add small amount of salt in it. Now apply it on the region you are feeling pain. This can help you in reducing pain and fight with infections.

Other options


Painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are used in care of toothache pain. These are effective in managing pain and swelling, because they have anti inflammatory effect. These are mostly used for getting pain relief and getting comfort.

Oral numbing gels

Oral numbing gels such as, benzocaine that provide quick relief from the pain. These gels are directly applied to the effected are, providing quick relief from sensation and reduced pain signals.

Toothache Drops

These are topical solution containing a compound named eugenol and a compound extracted from the clove having analgesic properties. You have to just apply few drops of this product on to your effected region, it will show results in few hours. It will help to control pain and reduces sensation, providing numbing effect.

Whenever, using counter options it is important to use the recommended dose of the medicine. And also follow the guidelines given by the doctor.

Natural remedies

Herbal remedies

Some of the herbal products like aloe Vera and turmeric are one the best herbal remedies for toothache pain relief. Both contain compound with analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. Turmeric is mixed with the water, then applied directly onto the effected region. Aloe Vera gel containing soothing and healing properties, will help you to get better healing and reduced pain. When applied on to the effected teeth or gum.

Essential oils

Tea tree oil and lavender oil contain anti inflammatory and analgesic effect. Such properties of these oils will help you to get rid of toothache pain. Apply few drops of these oils onto the effected region and massage gently. This will help you to get relief from pain and heals with good recovery speed. However, never digest such oils, apply carefully.

Oral Hygiene practice

Hygiene level of the oral cavity is one of the most important factor, that can help you to get rid of toothache pain relief. Regular brushing, flossing and rinsing your moth with the antiseptic solution will keep you infection free. Cleaning your mouth properly and each meal and removing trapped food particles will help you to get cleaner oral cavity. Clean oral cavity will reduce chances of Infection and toothache.


Recap of effective toothache relief methods

  • Home remedies like salty water and cold press massage provides relief.
  • Other options are pain killers and numbing gels, that can be used to get pain relief.
  • Natural remedies including herbal products and essential oil, can help in quick pain relief and healing process.

Maintaining oral health

  • Proper oral hygiene care, brushing, flossing and rinsing with antiseptic can protect you from toothache problem.
  • Regular dental appointments are very important to get proper oral health.
  • Good nutrition and water consumption can protect you from toothache and provide you stronger tooth.
  • Care of oral health is one of the most important factor that lead to your better physical health.