What type of Procedure is Dental Prophylaxis

What type of Procedure is Dental Prophylaxis

What type of Procedure is Dental Prophylaxis


It is a fundamental component of oral cavity health care, It is the cleaning procedures in which the any plaque or infectious material that is accumulated on the teeth surface is cleared. Overall aim of this procedure is to preserve dental health along with overall well being. Risk of various diseases can be reduced, if proper oral health is maintained.

Definition of dental prophylaxis

The proper removal of plaque, bacterial accumulation from the tooth surface and along gum line is called dental prophylaxis. This procedure is particularly performed by the professionals like dentist to thoroughly clean teeth surface for better future of teeth. Each and every accumulation present on the teeth whether it is soft or hard, that are known as calculus, are removed by specialized tools.

What is importance of maintaining oral hygiene

Maintenance of oral hygiene is very important for both, the better looking smile and comfortable oral health. If you don’t focus on your oral health it will lead to accumulation of bacteria, this bacteria will grown and lead to various oral problems such as dental decay, gum diseases and other oral health problems. To prevent patient from such harmful conditions, dental prophylaxis plays vital role. By visiting dentist regularly will help to keep you oral cavity clean and healthy.

What is Purpose of Dental Prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis helps you to keep you above dental comfort level. It helps to directly address your oral health issues with the doctor to keep you away from the factors that causes oral health issues, the basic fundaments of tis procedure is to keep the oral problems away and give you over all well being.

What is Purpose of Dental Prophylaxis
What is Purpose of Dental Prophylaxis

Plaque removal

The primary function of dental prophylaxis is to remove harmful plaque or tartar form the surface of the tooth. What is plaque? Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria that is continuously deposited on to the upper surface of teeth leading to formation of harder structure call as tartar or calculus. The basic work of this plaque is to give optimum environment for bacteria, leading to more severe cases pf dental decay and gum diseases. Different tools are used in dental prophylaxis to remove these plaque, and protect teeth from further infection, preventing the oral cavity and reducing risks of subsequent oral health issues.

Preventing Dental Diseases

It is a protective barrier or shield against many dental diseases. With the removal of plaque or tartar, elimination of many diseases is certain. Disease like gingivitis, cavities and periodontitis occur mostly due to plaque or tartar. Regular visits to the dentist for dental prophylaxis will reduce the likelihood of occurrence of these diseases. Plays vital role in the comfort and future oral health security of the person.

Improvement of overall health

As it contributes in disease prevention, dental prophylaxis also plays vital role in the improvement of overall health of the Oral cavity. Oral cavity proper health is very important for the comfort and overall physical health of the person, as the first stage where food enter is oral cavity. If the teeth and gum are not fully perfect, it will lead disability in chewing of food properly. So dental prophylaxis is one of the finest way to keep your teeth healthy and fitter, thus keeping your overall health condition at its best.

Procedure steps

Comprehensive and systematic approach is required to carry out the procedure of dental prophylaxis. This procedure consist of several steps that are important to carry out dental prophylaxis and to prevent oral health from various problems.

Assessment and Patient History

This procedure begins with the overall assessment and the patient history, the dentist will do proper assessment of dental cavity and few questions about complete dental history of person. Getting information about the dental history of patient will help to sort out many important aspect that are required during dental prophylaxis procedure.


It is one of the most important step of dental prophylaxis. This step includes the removal of stains, plaque or tartar from the outer surface of the teeth. Dental professionals uses specialized tools like scalers and dental curettes, to remove these plaque and stains gently and efficiently. Scaling help in prevention of gum diseases along with cavities.


After scaling process is completed, the next step is polishing of the teeth. The teeth are polished properly to remove any left stains on the surface of the teeth. Polishing the teeth not only increases the look of the teeth but also make it difficult for bacteria and plaque to accumulate on the tooth later. Rotating rubber cups and the polishing paste is used by the doctors to give fine look to the teeth.

Fluoride treatment

The next and one of the important step that came after polishing is fluoride treatment of the teeth. Fluoride treatment is done after scaling and polishing of the teeth. it is applied dorect6 on the teeth to give it stronger base. It strengthen the tooth enamel and make it resistant to various attacks like bacterial attack, acid attack. It is available in the form of gel and foam that is left on the surface of teeth for short time, and allowed to absorb. This step helps in increasing life time of the teeth.

Oral hygienic measures

The is the final step of dental prophylaxis and is one of the most important step. Some of important oral hygiene measures are discussed below.

  • Proper dental brushing and flossing techniques should be guided by the dentist.
  • Use of interdental brushes is very important for overall dental care.
  • Using fluoride product is very beneficial for persons oral health.
  • These points will allow to empower patient to actively maintain their oral health.