When Can I Drink Soda after Gum Graft Surgery?

When Can I Drink Soda after Gum Graft Surgery?

When Can I Drink Soda after Gum Graft Surgery?

Introduction to Gum Graft Surgery

Gum graft surgery which is also called periodontal surgery, this is basically used to treat gum recession. Gum recession is a condition in which the gums leave the surface of the tooth and gaps are formed, leading to formation of pockets. These pockets become favorable space for the accumulation of bacteria and can cause infection in the gums. In gum graft surgery, healthy gum tissues are used to cover the exposed parts of the gums. This help in the restoration of both functionality of the gums as well as the impression of the gums.

Importance of Post Operative Care

Post operative care is very important for successful healing of the surgical procedure. Proper attention is required to get the optimal healing process, for this purpose it is important to follow the instructions that are given by the doctor. This includes oral hygiene practices, adhering to dietary restrictions, following dentist’s instruction for cleaning the oral cavity.

Focus when it is safe to drink soft drinks

One of the most important post operative care instruction is to choose the diet wisely. Soda or soft drinks are not recommend after the surgical process, this is because they have high sugar in them and have acidity. They can cause huge damage to the surgical site, leading to slow healing process. Don’t consume soft drinks until proper recovery is made from the surgery, but its is recommended to never use soft drinks because they are very harmful for the health.

What are dietary restriction after gum grafting surgery?

Importance of soft diet

Soft diet is very important after the gum graft surgical procedure. It is always recommended to use soft diet after the gum graft surgery. It will help in the proper healing process and stress free healing process. Soft diet will prevent the surgical site from any kind of trauma or injury. With the help of soft diet, it will ensure healing without any stress or strain that can cause damage to the normal healing procedure.

When Can I Drink Soda after Gum Graft Surgery?
When Can I Drink Soda after Gum Graft Surgery?

What is Importance of avoiding not recommended food

It is very important to avoid certain food during the healing procedure after surgical process such as soft drinks, acidic food, hot or cold drinks etc. It is important to avoid soft drinks because it can produce better environment for the growth of bacteria and infection can occur at surgical site.

Importance of proper diet

It is very important to take proper diet in the post operative period, as prescribed by the doctor. If patient will not take proper diet it will lead to many difficulties in the healing procedure. A proper diet chart is provided by doctor during post operative care time, it includes mashed potatoes, soft healthy food and various juices that support the healing process.

When soda can be consumed after gum graft surgery

General guide line on consumption of soda

Consumption of soft drinks in comparison to oral health, is always recommended to prioritize the oral health care. It is always instructed by the doctors to avoid soft drinks and beverages. To keep yourself hydrated and healthy it is very important to use a lot of water and avoid non carbonated drinks like tea and fresh juices.

Risk associated with soda consumption

There are several risks of consuming soda after the gum graft surgery. Carbonated soda creates bubbles that can cause damage to the clot that is formed on the surgical site. This can lead to a situation known as dry socket or delay healing process. Additionally, soda is acidic and high content of sugar in it, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums.