When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting?

When Is It Too Late For Gum Grafting? Detail

What is Gums Grafting?

Gums drafting is a dental procedure which is used to treat gum recession, it is a condition in which gum leaves the surface of teeth. Gums drafting is also known as gingival grafting, it is a periodontal plastic surgery. Small amount of tissues are taken from the other source, which are used to cover the parts of teeth roots. Gum grafting is done for several purposes like make the teeth functionally well or to enhance the beauty of smile.

Why Timely Gum Grafting is Beneficial

If the gum grafting is done timely it is very beneficial for the patient and help to prevent from any further complications. Delay in the treatment of gums disease can lead to tooth sensitivity and even loss of teeth. Gum grafting help to stop the gum recession and reduces discomfort. Additionally, it enhances the smile attraction of the person, elevating the confidence level of the person. If gums disease is left untreated, it can lead to other systemic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

When is it too late for Grafting: Overview

Gum grafting is one of the best solution for gum diseases like gum recession, if you will delay the treatment of gum disease it can lead to various disorders and complications. And grafting is performed late, it shows various flaws like slow healing or incomplete healing and complications. It is very Important to contact the doctor at time before it gets too late, so that gum recession can be treated on time without any further complications.

When is it too late for Grafting: Overview
When is it too late for Grafting: Overview

Factors Affecting Gums Health

There are many factors that can affect the gums health, some of them are discussed below in detail.

Progression of gums disease

Periodontitis is a gum disease that play significant role in harming the health of gums. It starts with with swelling and bleeding condition known as gingivitis. If the periodontitis is not treated on its time and left untreated it can be very harmful for the gums. The inflammation and bacterial accumulation in the gums around the teeth that provide support will damage gums. It is very important to treat this condition on time before it is too late and cause huge damage.

Causes of gum recession

Gum recession is caused by various factors that are discussed below.

  • It can cause by aggressive brushing and flossing.
  • If the oral hygienic conditions Of the mouth is not maintained, it can cause the accumulation of bacteria information of tartar.
  • Various factors like smoking and drinking alcohol or major cause of gum recession.

Genetics and Age

Some other factors that can cause gum recession are oh genetic inheritance and age of the person. Genetics of the person plays an important role in protecting from such diseases. some people have genes that causes thin gum line around their teeth, and this makes them more susceptible to gum recession. as compared to the person, who has genes of thick gum line around the teeth, which makes him less susceptible to the disease.

Factors Affecting Gums Health
Factors Affecting Gums Health

Age also plays important role in causing gum recession. The older people are more susceptible to gum recession as compared to the younger people. The gums become loose with the age, Their gums start leaving the surface of the teeth and gaps are formed between the teeth roots and the gums leading to gum recession.

Signs of Gum Recession

The signs that are observed in the patient suffering from gum recession are discussed below.

Visible signs

These are the signs that are clearly visible in the person that is suffering from gum recession, Some of the visible signs that are seen in patient are discussed below.

  • In case of gum recession the tooth root are always exposed. this This is one of the most important sign that is mostly observed in a patient suffering from gum recession disease.
  • The second sign that is observed is changes in gum line, it is observed that the gum line become uneven and receded.
  • When the gum recession occur it produces the gap between teeth that affects the smile of the person.

Sensitivity and pain

It is observed that, the patient who is suffering from gum recession feels too much sensitivity, this is due to exposed tooth root and damaged enamel protection on the teeth. The patient feel a lot of sensitivity and discomfort due to gum recession. When person eats or drinks something he feels pain and sensation in the tooth root. It is very important to visit dental expert as soon as possible to get rid of this disease.

Tooth mobility

The person who is suffering from gum recession disease have mobility in their tooth. This is all due to gums that has left the tooth surface exposed with no support. This is very important and most serious sign, after observing this sign it is guided to get appointment from dental expert, who can completely evaluate your oral cavity. It is recommended to treat this without any delay, because it can leave harmful effects that can be costly to the patient.

Preventive Measures

Preventing my years are given by the doctors that can help you to get rid of gum recession and its further problems, Some of the preventive measures are discussed below.

Maintaining oral hygiene condition

It is very important to maintain your oral hygiene Condition to get rid of any kinds of disease that is related to the oral cavity.

  • it is recommended by the doctor to brush twice a day, it can help to eliminate the accumulated bacteria on the teeth surface. Always use brushes with soft bristles.
  • Daily flossing help you to clean the area between the teeth and removal of plaque from the teeth.
  • Antimicrobial mouthwash containing fluoride are recommend. They can reduce the bacteria in your teeth and help in strengthening your teeth.

Daily life factors that affect teeth health

Some of the factors from the daily life that affect the health of teeth greatly and discussed below.

  • First and the most important factor that affect the health of teeth is smoking. The use of tobacco increases the risk of gum diseases.
  • Diet plays an important role in the health of teeth. Balanced and healthy diet is very important for healthy teeth. If your diet is not healthy it can lead to various dental disorders.
  • Grinding of teeth is a condition known as Bruxism, this condition can also lead to gum recession.
  • Stress management can also save from many dental diseases. High stress level leads to gum recession.