Why would a Dentist Request Preliminary Impressions

Why would a Dentist Request Preliminary Impression

Why would a Dentist Request Preliminary Impression


Preliminary impressions are very important for dentist in various dental conditions. These are the accurate copy of patient’s teeth, and also known as preliminary molds or casts. They play important role in getting patient teeth anatomy that help in treating various conditions. These impressions are used as basic model by the dentist to build their strategies for welfare of oral health.

Without getting preliminary impressions, it is very difficult to follow any line of treatment. They provide essential information that guides dentist to make decision, that would be most suitable option for treatment of patient’s dental issue. Discussion between the patient and dental team is very important, it can help in reading impression and taking action according to it.

Types of Dental Procedure Requiring Preliminary Impressions

Some of the dental procedures in which preliminary impressions are very important are discussed below.

Types of Dental Procedure Requiring Preliminary Impressions

Orthodontic treatment

Such treatments in which dentists are aimed at correcting the alignment and position of the teeth are known as orthodontic treatments. Preliminary impressions play important role in such treatments and provide whole map of the oral cavity, that helps in alignment of teeth. The impressions are taken alongside the orthodontic treatment, to check out the progress and to make further corrections in the alignment.

Prosthodontic treatment

Prosthodontic treatment is a type of treatment in which dentists deals with crowns, bridges and dentures. Preliminary Impressions play vital role in their procedures. These impressions are used to know the exact anatomy of the oral cavity, that helped in designing exact structure of crowns and bridges. They help in creating crowns and bridges that fit exactly and feel comfortable to the patient.

Restorative dentistry procedure

Restorative dentistry procedures, which include repairing and restoration of damaged teeth after dental decay. These impressions play vital role in their restoration process. Other procedures such as dental veneers, dental fillings, inlays and onlays also need accurate impressions for their treatment. They play important role in contributing to the success of restorative procedures by providing accurate blueprints.

Process of taking preliminary impressions

Preparations of patient

The process is started with parent’s preparation and comfort. It is duty of dental professional to explain all the details of procedure to the doctor. Dentist should create an environment which is stress free and increase cooperation, which is required to get accurate Impressions. The dental chair should be comfortable enough for the patient, which can provide adequate support and comfort to the head to minimize discomfort during impression taking process.

Selecting material for impression

Selection of the material is an critical part of this process, and result of this process depends upon this step. An ideal material gives best result of impression and comfort to the patient. Mostly, materials used for taking impressions include alginate and polyvinyl siloxane. Each of them have their on benefits and characteristics. Alginate is cheaper as compared to POS, while POS is expensive but gives clear results. Selection depends on condition to condition and person to person.

Achieving accurate Impressions

Skillful dentist is required to get accurate Impressions, because he can perform techniques perfectly to get good impressions. Proper mixing of material that is used to get impression is very important for dentist. To get pure anatomical structures techniques such as, controlled insertion of tray and accurate timing contribute to perfection of this procedure. Additionally, it is very important for doctor to consider different factors like moisture etc.

Process of taking preliminary impressions
Process of taking preliminary impressions

Advancement in technology

With the passage of time dentistry has witnessed various advancement in technology. Some of them are discussed in detail.

Intraoral scanner and digital impressions

It is a device which is used to take 3D images of patient’s oral cavity. Then these images are converted into digital impressions, ruling out the traditional way of using material and trays. This scanner allow easy scanning of whole oral cavity and help to reach the area which is hard to reach.

Benefits of digital impressions

Following are the Benefits of digital impressions over traditional way of taking impressions

  • It is more comfortable for the patient.
  • It is a faster process as compared to traditional way, it saves more time as compared to other methods.
  • These are highly accurate with minimum risk of errors.


Preliminary Impressions has important position in the field of dentistry.

  • It provides core information related to further steps.
  • It is used in several dental procedure such as, orthodontic, prosthodontic and restorative procedures.
  • It provides accurate base to the diagnosis and treatment procedure.
  • Increased level of communication is very necessary between dentist and patients.
  • Technology has elevated the level of both accuracy and impression quality.
  • Intraoral scanner are the most comfortable to get perfect digital impressions.
  • It is a faster process and patient feel comfortable during this process.
  • Result of procedures depends upon the collaboration between the doctors and the patients.
  • The dental chair should be comfortable and head should be rested in best position.
  • Comfortable and stress free environment is best for getting perfect impression.