Wisdom Tooth: Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?

Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?
Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom Tooth: Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth emerges at the late teen stage and early 20s, it can vary from person to person. These are called the third molar teeth, the last set of mostly grown in the late stages of pain and early 20s. Like other teeth in the oral cavity, wisdom teeth do not have any specific function of biting or chewing the food. They are mostly useless.

Why they are called Wisdom Teeth?

It is very important to know the significance of the wisdom teeth. That why they are specifically called wisdom teeth. The word wisdom is used in their name does not mean that they carry any type of wisdom, but it refers to age group in which most people become intelligent and have wisdom. This specifically referred to age of a person in which he gains maturity and wisdom that’s why these teeth are called wisdom teeth. In some cultures they are also called as adult teeth, means such teeth which are grown in adult age.

Development and Growth Of Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are grown at the end of the other teeth. Total four wisdom teeth are grown one on the each corner of the dental arch. In technical language their position is called posterior to the dental arch. The space at the end of the dental arch is so limited that sometime they cause different problems while erupting. Due to limited space they do not erupt properly. mostly they erupt of or erupt in different angles that causes problems for the person in the future. Sometimes it can lead to the removal of the wisdom tooth due to increasing discomfort. By understanding the development and the location of the wisdom tooth it is very important for the person and the dental expert to take positive step that are beneficial for the overall health of the patient.

Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?
Development and Growth Of Wisdom Teeth

Common Issues that are Associated with Wisdom Tooth Eruption

Wisdom tooth eruption causes a variety of issues some of them are discussed below. These issues mostly develop due to lack of space and eruption at later age. Some common problems that are caused by wisdom tooth are discussed below.


Most of the wisdom tooth are impacted, as they don’t have enough space to grow. They are struck between the jawbone and the soft tissues of the gums. This lead to incomplete emergence of the wisdom tooth.


Wisdom tooth can cause pain and discomfort, as they are fully packed between the gums and the jawbone. Fully trapped in a small place, this put pressure on the gums leading to pain and discomfort for the patient.


Incomplete erupted tooth forms pockets, that provides space to the food and bacteria to accumulate. This can cause infection in the tooth and lead to gum inflammation.


Wisdom tooth are mostly grown in the narrow place, when they erupt they push the other teeth this causes misalignment of the teeth. This causes crowding and shifting of the other teeth.

Tumor formation

In some cases tumor and cysts are formed around the newly grown wisdom tooth. To remove such kind of tumor or cyst surgery is performed.

Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

In most of the cases wisdom tooth are extracted, because they are considered useless.

Why They Are Called Wisdom Tooth?
Extraction of Wisdom Tooth

Procedure of wisdom tooth extraction

This Process is mostly performed by the surgeon or the oral specialist, this procedure involves following steps.


Local anesthesia is applied around the wisdom tooth, this is done to numb that area around the teeth to make the procedure painless. In some cases general anesthesia is taken if the patient feels stress or the case is more complex.

Tooth Extraction

The next step after application of anesthesia is tooth extraction, in this step. Dentist use tools that are specialized to extract the tooth from the gums and jawbone. In severe cases, the tooth is divided into pieces that make is easier while extracting.

Application of stiches

After the tooth is extracted, next step is to apply stiches at that site. These stiches are mostly absorbable and they are dissolved with in the tissues.

Post operative management of wisdom tooth extraction

Extraction of wisdom tooth is not big deal, post operative care is one of the most difficult task, that make the surgery successful. Recovery of wisdom tooth involves following points.

Pain management

Pain management is the most important factor that should be controlled after surgery. Pain can cause discomfort for the patient. To manage pain, painkillers are prescribed by the doctors to the patients.

Soft diet

It is very important to consume soft diet during the first few days after the surgery. Fresh juices are advised by the doctor to consume for few days, to avoid any kind of trauma.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene care is the most important factor that help in successful surgery of wisdom teeth. Oral hygiene help to keep the infection away from the surgical site. Dentist provide special guide lines to the patient, how to rinse there teeth properly?

Rest and healing

Proper rest is very important for faster healing procedure. Following Post operative instructions are very important for faster healing procedure.


  • These are named as wisdom teeth because they emerge at the late teen age and early twenties, between 17 to 25 years of age.
  • Basically, the term wisdom teeth refer to the group of age at which they mostly erupt.