What is Root Canal Recovery Time

What is Root Canal Recovery Time

What is Root Canal Recovery Time


Root Canal is a procedure in which endodontic treatment is done. It is designed to treat severely infected or damage tooth. It involves;

  • Removal of the soft infected pulp in the tooth
  • Reshaping of the treated tooth.
  • Refilling of that tooth.

It is done to solve the problem of infected tooth, to prevent further infection and to preserve natural tooth structure.

Definition of Root Canal procedure

It is a specialized dental procedure, which is performed when is tooth become inflamed or infected. This pulp consisted of nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. Which plays crucial role in the development but can be safely removed in mature tooth. This process plays vital role in preventing further spread of disease and safeguard tooth from external bacterial invasion.

Importance of recovery of Root Canal

Proper recovery of root canal is one of the most necessary for future tooth health. The speed of recovery depends on the post operative care of the tooth. Proper recovery help in the reduction of complications, minimize discomfort and restore the normal functioning of the tooth. Sticking to post operative guidelines, taking prescribed medicine and maintaining oral hygiene will increase the pace of recovery and healing process. If a person understand the importance of recovery and healing process. Follow the guidelines and healthy oral routine. He can restore its normal tooth functioning and can enjoy optimal oral health.

Stages of Recovery of Root Canal

Following are some of the stages of recovery of root canal which are discussed below.

Immediate Post Procedure Care

After undergoing root canal procedure, post operative care very important. This plays role in smooth and faster recovery. Immediate post Procedure care is for 24 to 48 hours, involves steps to minimize discomfort and pain, preventing complications.

Managing pain and discomfort

Pain and discomfort are one of the most common post operative effect. You have to deal with them after ever surgical procedure. To overcome such things, painkillers are recommend. They can help to manage mild to moderate discomfort. Additionally, applying ice cubes on the side of surgical site can give to relief and numb the site for some time reducing swelling. Resting and avoiding physical activities can help in managing pain during this initial phase.

Following guidelines

Sticking to specific instructions given by the doctor can help you in recovery procedure. These instructions includes various dos and don’ts, medications, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs. Patients should closely follow the guidelines, prescribed dosage to prevent infection and support the process of healing. Any complications if faced should be directly discussed with the doctor.

Diet and Oral Hygienic Restrictions

During post Procedure phase, diet and hygienic measures plays an important role in the quick speedy recovery of Root canal. It is better to choose soft and non chewable food, that will help in not putting pressure on the root canal. Avoid hot and cold beverages to prevent root canal from sensitivity. Don’t rinse with hot or cold water. Always use mild saltwater to rinse your mouth and maintain cleanliness to avoid irritation.

First week of recovery

The first week of root canal recovery is one of the most important phase of healing and minimizing potential complications. During first week of recovery patient should focus on the guidelines that would increase the pace of recovery.

Medications and Antibiotics

Medications and Antibiotics can help in the quick recovery of root canal. It is always instructed to use medication and antibiotics according to prescribed by the doctor. Completing the course of antibiotics is one of the most important procedure to completely eliminate bacterial infection.

Avoid certain Activities

During first week of recovery, it is important that patient should avoid certain activities that could disturb the process of healing and recovery. It is always advised to keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol during this time period. As, smoking and alcohol effects the speed of recovery. It is also advised to avoid sugary and sticky food. They can effect the covering of root canal.

Last weeks of recovery

As the initial weeks of recovery changes into to last week of recovery. It is important for the patient to keep its focus on the oral health. This is one of the most critical phase, proper care is required to get the best outcomes from the root canal procedure.

Monitoring healing progress

It is very important to monitor the whole healing process throughout the weeks. Always keep an eye on the pain, swelling and any changes that you observe around the root canal. Follow the scheduled visit to the doctor, so that he can guide you throughout the healing procedure.

Returning to the Normal Diet

It is important to gradually return to the normal diet. As the healing process proceeds, patient should return to the normal diet gradually. Avoid rushing while chewing, to prevent unnecessary pressure on your tooth. Choose the food and beverages Carefully and avoid too hot, cold or spicy food.

Resume Regular Oral Hygiene Routine

Preventive your teeth from infection and complications, it is important to resume your regular oral Hygienic routine. However, patient should gently brush or floss in the starting. Use soft tooth brushes to avoid any kind of damage and irritation to the root canal. It is recommended to choose tooth paste carefully, which is specifically made for sensitive tooth is always preferred.

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